Why Become a part of Jim’s Window Tinting?

  • Own and build a very valuable asset
  • Pay For Work Guarantee
  • Go on holidays when you want to
  • Gain a much bigger market share
  • Choose your own lifestyle

Have you ever thought about being your own Boss and not sure how to start? Are you worried about getting enough work to survive? Or maybe you have an existing business that you are looking to improve and have more success?

Are you looking for a complete, proven system with all the resources, training and support you need? Do you want marketing support so that advertising is done for you?

Are you getting lots of work enquiries but are being frustrated by “Price cutting, and under qualified competition”? Want a business where you don’t have to stop and take all the calls or hire someone to do it for you.

What else can Jim’s Window Tinting offer?

  • A brand that is already well known, respected and established.
  • It is your own business and you choose to grow as you wish.
  • Keep your existing client base.
  • Own an asset that you can sell in the future for your own profit and gain.
  • Marketing and advertising abilities far beyond the capability of an independent operator, with a greater response to advertising and a higher conversion rate from enquiries.
  • Have that well-earned holiday with the family with peace of mind because your clients are looked after by equally qualified and experienced Jim’s Window Tinting franchisees.
  • Business and franchise training with ongoing coaching & mentoring to help your business be successful.
  • Ability to choose the type of work you want to do, when you want to do it.
  • Have the opportunity to take advantage of our bulk purchasing power which provides huge discounts on materials, mobile phones and call rates (for family, friends and employees), work vehicles, trade insurance and more.

How to Get Started

If you are interested in becoming a Franchisee please call 131 546 and one of our friendly customer service staff will assist you with your enquiry or click on the button below to complete the franchisee enquiry form online.

In any case, be sure to get first hand advice and input from our franchisees direct. We have a range of franchisee testimonials where you can see the impact joining Jim’s Window Tinting has had on their incomes, lifestyle, health and probably most importantly, their families.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of hours will I work and do I need to work weekends?

Jim’s Window Tinting gives you the opportunity to structure a work schedule that suits you. You decide if you want to work on the weekend and if so, until what time. Franchisees can specify start and finish times for every day if you choose (or set a default), so it is no issue at all if you want to be involved in family time during the day, such as school pickup or excursions.

Can I do work for friends, family and other referrals I find myself?

Absolutely, and we encourage you to actively build your referral base as you become more experienced, as this lowers your monthly fees (we are a user-pays system) as well as increasing the resale value of your business. You are not required to pay any lead fees for self-sourced jobs.

Who can I ask for help?

At Jim’s Window Tinting we have a unique support system. Your franchisor is always ready to lend a helping hand both with practical issues and with business information and support. You can also discuss any concerns with fellow franchisees. It is to everyone’s benefit that the brand is kept to a high standard so everyone works together.

How much will I make?

After you have completed your training all new franchisees will qualify for the Pay For Work Guarantee providing peace of mind that there will be some income available to assist you in the early stages of building your business. After this period your income will be a direct result of how much time and effort you choose to put in.

Do I need prior experience to be successful in this business?

For automotive window tinting prior experience is essential as this requires a lengthy training period. For architectural window tinting training and ongoing support is provided.

Is Finance available?

Most franchisees finance their way into their new business. If you require help with financing please contact us for details of one of the brokers we use who are familiar with the Jim’s system and work directly with banks who have ‘pre-approved’ our business model for finance.

Can I sell my business?

Yes. The system put in place by Jim’s Window Tinting works to make our franchises sought after businesses, and if you have built a referral base such as builders or real estate agents your business can be worth significantly more than a new one. We love to see successful franchisees who are ready to move onto something else be handsomely rewarded for their efforts.

What other training is there?

All franchisees attend Jim’s Group business training at the head office in Melbourne. The training gives you an overview of how to run a successful business as well as the Jim’s culture and ways to build your own referrals. This is supplemented by further in-office Jim’s Window Tinting training on our online quoting, the Jim’s Online software for managing clients and work hours and how to best work with your diary. You are then provided with weekly calls from your franchisor.

What do I do now?

If the Jim’s Window Tinting opportunity fits with what you want from your life, find out the next step by enquiring below or calling 131 546


And this is only the beginning! Call Jim’s Window Tinting now and take the first steps in becoming a Jim’s Window Tinting franchisee.

Call 131 546 to receive an information pack or get in early and register your interest for a franchise territory.

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