Why Anti Graffiti Film?

Vandalism and casual damage is an unfortunate issue that is common amongst premises with shop fronts or façades facing onto busy, high traffic areas. Many businesses managers find themselves having to constantly fix or replace their signage and glass, as vandalism can really affect the impression that’s made on potential clients and customers.

The Benefits of Anti Graffiti Film

Are you sick of vandals damaging your glass, either scratching it up with sharp objects or painting over it? If so then you should invest in one of our anti-graffiti window film solutions. Installed on top of any glass surface, this film bears the brunt of any attack, protecting the valuable glass underneath from permanent damage. All you need to do is peel off the film and replace, a simple and affordable solution in comparison to replacing expensive glass.

Here at Jim’s Window Tinting we can provide you with a range of anti-graffiti film for application on both windows and other surfaces. When applied to stainless steel, polished concrete, marble, glass, timber laminate or perspex, this film will work to protect the surface and act as a sacrificial barrier to ensure these high quality surfaces are protected.

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